Larry Gill, Seattle Photographer

Larry is an architectural photographer with a vast knowledge of lighting and exquisite dimensional layout. His work can be seen in many magazines and commercial projects that incorporate people and architectural spaces in everyday scenarios. We are blessed and thankful for his wonderful expertise.
Ralph and Stephanie

Our dear friends and neighbors of Joey's Beach House. They saw a vision for the house and inspired us to follow it. Having stayed at numerous vacation homes, they provided invaluable insider information on the makings of a truly top notch vacation home. We are extremely fortunate to have them as friends.
James Chism, Designer/Web Designer

Without James this undertaking would have never been possible. He not only provided countless hours bringing the interior of the house together, he was also been solely responsible for the landscaping design and execution. Being a truly talented interior/landscape designer, he is now turning his focus to web design and hosting. Please check out his web design and hosting site.