Beach Combing
Enjoy miles and miles of pristine beach beauty located only 1 minute by car from Joey’s Beach House and only a 5 minute walk through the beach approach.  Dig for clams, walk along the surf and take your furry friends for a stroll.  It’s the perfect off leash area!  It’s Joey’s favorite thing to do!
Antiquing is prevalent in various parts of the coast, but mostly in Ocean Shores (located 15 miles south).  Westport (another 30 miles south of Ocean Shores) also has shops and a great museum that caters to those who enjoy picking up a piece of history.
Bird Watching
Ocean Shores is a fantastic place for bird watching and the Audubon Society has written books about the birds in this area. Damon Point State Park (also known as Protection Island) is very popular and is one of the only known nesting sites for the Snowy Plover.   There are over 300 different species of birds including brown pelicans, peregrine falcons, herons, quail and pheasant.
Washington State Bird
•    Official Washington State Bird Name: Willow Goldfinch
•    Common Name: American Goldfinch
•    Family: Fringillidae, Finches
•    Scientific name: Carduelis tristis

Audubon Washington website
Biking and Hiking Adventures
With the hills, valley’s, mountains and beach fronts, hiking and biking in this area is simply a haven! One of the most popular destinations is Olympic National Park (35 miles north of Pacific Beach).  You will find some of the most beautiful territory on Earth and only 30 minutes from Joey’s Beach House.
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Razor Clamming
The Pacific razor clam (Siliqua patula) is an exceptionally meaty shellfish which ranges from California to Alaska. It is abundant on surf-pounded ocean beaches, but also occurs in sheltered areas along the coast. Limited diving observations have indicated some adult razor clams (S.patula) offshore for up to one-half mile. Razor clams dredged in water deeper than 30 feet, although similar to the beach clam, are a different species (Siliqua sloati).
Kite Flying
Go fly a kite on the beach. You can pick up a kite in Pacific Beach. And, if you really get kite fever be sure and check out Cutting Edge Kite Shop in Ocean Shores. These guys are very knowledgeable and friendly.